Educational by nature, fun by design

Are you looking for a certified teacher in Dutch as a second language (Nt2)? You've come to the right place! 

I help expats to learn Dutch and overcome their fear of speaking this "outlandish" language. The classes are educational by nature and fun by design. My goal is to help you speak Dutch with confidence, feel even more at home in the low lands and get around comfortably and fluently.

Tamara Wouda

Hi! My name is Tamara

and I cannot wait to speak Dutch with you.

I am an enthusiastic Dutchie and former expat – I know what you’re going through. After years of working as a copywriter and content marketer in tech companies, I now also teach Dutch to expats. I offer small group courses, private tutoring and in-company classes. What works best for you depends on your level, your way of learning and your goals. Yes: it is all about YOU! I am here to guide you through it.

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Dutch language courses

Tam in Amsterdam is a Dutch language school in the city centre of Amsterdam. It is an informal institute with small classes. Know that having fun while learning is very important to us. At the same time, we take grammar (kind of) seriously.

In-company classes

In-company classes

Get empowered to speak Dutch at work

Enable your employees to get around and make basic conversations in Dutch. Or, challenge them to do their daily huddle and weekly standup in Dutch. 


I offer tailor made in-company classes - from brand new start-ups, to established corporates. These can be one-off workshops or courses with (bi)weekly classes. Learning Dutch will increase your employees’ happiness in the Netherlands and boost your company’s culture. That means more mingling between colleagues and a better, stronger team that does a better job.

Private tutoring

Private tutoring

Follow your own pace

Do you want your teacher’s full attention? Do you want to make progress fast? Do you want to take your time and follow your own pace? No problem! Anything is possible in the tailored private classes. Including taking class with your partner or best friend.

You can choose between 1-hour and 2-hour classes and they can be scheduled at times and places (online is an option) that suit you best.

In the Classroom

Group courses

Enlarge your vocabulary and range of expressions

I offer courses ranging from those suitable for complete beginners up to A2 level. The starting point for every class is a real-life Dutch-language interaction. The goal is to leave class feeling comfortable applying what you've learned in the real world. The exercises we do are complemented with grammar, extra vocabulary and pronunciation skills. Note that we focus on speaking and making conversation, rather than on writing.

Group courses start 3 times a year. In September, January and May. The courses are 10 weeks each, with 2-hour classes each week. The maximum capacity per group is 6.


What others say


The classes with Tamara are very dynamic with different interactions between the students making the learning of Dutch more practical and fun.

A2 student

Group course schedule

There are no new group courses scheduled at the moment.

0 --> A1


Mondays from 7 to 9 pm

This course is for complete beginners:
Nederlands in gang chapter 1-6.



Tuesdays from 7 to 9 pm

For the ones that know a thing or two:
Nederlands in gang chapter 7-12.



Wednesdays from 7 to 9 pm

For the almost intermediates:
Nederlands in gang chapter 13-18.


Frequently asked questions

and the answers


What if I have to travel and miss a class (or two)?

Part of being an expat is having to travel every once in a while. No problem! I offer a free 20-minute catch up session before your next class to get you up to speed and back on track.

Do you speak Dutch all the time?

Fact: the more you are exposed to Dutch, the faster you will learn. Real life: you do not fully understand me when I explain grammar which makes it hard (or even impossible) to apply it afterwards. I therefore choose to speak a bit more English.

Which teaching method and book do you use?

We use the book Nederlands in gang, a method for highly educated foreigners. I complement this method with interactive activities, like quizzes, games, video assignments and role playing, and extra material to really consolidate the grammar.

Do I get a certificate after finishing a course?

Yes! The courses are concluded with a test. If you pass it (and so far everyone does), you will receive a certificate of participation. The official inburgeringsexamen (A2) and Staatsexamens (B1 and B2) are only available at the government.

What are the costs?

Private tutoring is € 59 per hour, with a minimum of 5 hours. It is possible to take private tutoring with your best friend or partner. 

Group courses are € 330. 

Prices for in-company classes differ and depend on the number of participants and if you choose a "standard" course or a tailored one.

How and when do I pay?

If you choose one of the group courses or private tutoring, I will send you a personal invoice via email. It would be great if you could transfer the money through online banking. Companies also get an invoice, but not before the quotation is approved.

Get in touch

Feel free to call me, contact me via WhatsApp or leave me a message here to get more information about in-company classes, private tutoring and to check if there is still a spot available for you in one of the group courses.


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